Renewable Energy

Affordable Solar Solution

CURRENTDATA is poised with deploying affordable and workable solar solutions for every business in Nigeria and other sub Saharan countries
Our customized solution fits any of the following categories:

* Enterprise/Large Corporation
* Branch Office
* Home Office
* Rural Electrification
* Street Lighting System
* Electric Borehole System
* And many more renewable energy applications
energy 4
We are committed to the reduction of carbon footprint. Also as a global thinking and local application company, we support energy conservation and pursue its use.
We have dealerships of various global leading manufacturers of Energy Saver Bulb – Philips and GE brands which comes with minimum of 6 months warranty and the AKT brand for clients with low budget consideration (no warranty).
We provide Off-grid and Hybrid solar solutions for our clients especially in the areas of:
i. Outsourced Energy solution
ii. Offsite ATM backup power solution