Data Centre Solution

Data Centre and Environmental Management
One of our core professionalism is in the Data Centre solution. CURRENTDATA provides and support core Data Centre infrastructure fabrics, such as:

i. Data Centre construction (Physical infrastructure)
ii. FM200 Automatic Fire Fighting solution
iii. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) solution – Analogue and IP based
iv. Access Control (Biometric, Card and Pin) solution
v. Energy Supply, Management and Distribution
vi. Environmental Monitoring
vii. Hardware (Racks and Servers)
viii. Raised Floor System
We support green revolution in the Data Centre design and constructionIs your Data Centre keeping pace with modern developments? Contact CURRENTDATA and find out.
There are so many publications and documentations about present and future and how Chief Information Officers (CIOs) should prepare their systems for a new way of running Information Technology department.Currentdata is already seeing some of the elements of change: the dataimg2power requirements to power the cloud, consolidation of servers, the requirement to increase or reduce power consumption, the ever-increasing rise in storage demand, the move to virtualization and the interest in cloud computing – both public and private owned.Some CIOs may have adapted to this change with enthusiasm, eagerly embracing new technologies and transforming the way that their organizations are being managed; some have been puzzled by the rate of revolution and wonder where to turn.There are some that are ready and willing to move with the times but are being held back by either lack of investment or heavy dependence on legacy systems while, conversely, some CIOs are being driven by other managers down a new path.These are the extreme views – but there many companies who are somewhere in between, a mix of the modern and the long-established old ways of managing their data centres.But at what point are you in this process? In conjunction with respected business analysts, the Currentdata Team developed an assessment test to determine how modern your data centre is.
By answering a set of questions, we can ascertain how far down the road to transformation you’re on: are you a pace-setter or are you laggingdata img behind.Our comprehensive assessment takes between 6 – 24 hours to complete while an online pre-assessment lasts about 5 minutes showing independent summary of your current technology status and point to guidelines for the future. It will give you a picture of where you could be aiming for and areas of concern. There are no rights or wrong answers;we are looking to assess your company, not to catch you out.Lastly, you can count on our professionalism, confidentiality and non-industry specific assessment and result for your company to make the right decision and cost saving-investment.Remember, …we do it more efficiently